Portable Manometer

Portable Manometer

Pressure Gauge

A valuable instrument for measuring and adjusting the inlet and manifold pressure for gas heating equipment and appliances.

The Bacharach Monometer is designed for accuracy, readability, and portability. Used to measure pressure in gas lines and to adjust pressure for all types of gas burning appliances. Also used to determine filter resistance, fan efficiency, air velocity, and static pressures.

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
0017-7000(Filled), 0-15 INWC and 38 CMWC (Reversible Scale)
0017-7008(Unfilled), 0-15 INWC and 38 CMWC (Reversible Scale)
0017-7002(Filled), 0-15 INWC and 8.5 oz./sq. in. water (Reversible Scale)
0017-7013(Filled), 0-7 INWC and 18 CMWC (Reversible Scale)
0017-7016(Unfilled) 0-7 INWC and 18 CMWC (Reversible Scale)